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Sales conditions (extract)

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1) Prices and delivery terms

All the prices listed here on website are ex our warehouse northern Italy. They are subject to change w/out prior notice, and are published for the information of our customers only. Those prices as well as descriptions and pictures are generally never intended as final offers, but as information only, w/out any responsibility. For this reason orders are subject to be accepted and confirmed by the seller in all details.
We recommend to make sure all details and ask for a confirmation of them. At any rate only the seller's final confirmation and in case the counter sample sent for the respective order is finally binding and determinative.

2) MOQ and quantity

The MOQ (min. quantity order) is the quantity shown in the column "min. pcs." which normally corresponds to 1 carton or a multiple of it.
Order quantity can be accepted only for full cartons and has to be a multiple of the respective carton unit.
The minimum order value is Euro 300.- (w/out set up charges).
Ecceptions are possible only for (adhoc) where the concrete possibility and the more cost for an odd quantity has to be stated case by case. In case of special or custom made productions the delivered quantity is allowed to diverge up to 20% from the order quantity, because of rejects or unforeseeable technical issues. The possibility of batch being higher or lower as ordered quantity within the above range is a mandatory clause accepted by our customer from beginning at the moment the customer is entrusting us with order, without exception.

3) Print

Information and prices of print and stitch is in detail shown for each item in an under page which can be opened clicking "P R I N T costs" on the page of the respective item. Further details on request.
All items can be printed only for quantity of 300 pcs up. If order quantity is less than 300 pcs, nevertheless the amount for the minimum quantity is still due. Set up costs, screen and, in case, lithography are always put in the invoice even if not specified in the offer/order.
For printed goods or bespoke items a down payment of 50% at the moment of the order is due.

4) Delivery time

For models of stock: prompt delivery (within few days). For bespoke items (adhoc) delivery is roughly stated in weeks, to be stated through our specific offer case by case.

5) Samples

Items can be sampled (C.O.D. payment) at the list price (or sample price - see "Cost of samples"). There is a global charge of EURO 4,00 for sample packing added to the dispatching costs.
Moreover a special protective charge for some samples can be due.
Parcels with goods value of over EURO 4-5 are sent by courier service only (UPS/FEDEX/DPD or similar).
Courier service is to be handled by customer. If customer's contract number is given, a sending by seller through customer's number is also possible. The sampling during production is made by pictures, and has to be confirmed by return. However, if a real production sample (printed or bespoke) is expressly requested, a general flat charge of EURO 80,00 + courier transport fee is due.

6) Dispatch

The way of dispatching (regular mail, speed post, etc.) for samples or goods should be expressly stated by the customer in his own interest. If not, parcels would be forwarded by mail, bigger lots at the most convenient transport way.
The dispatch by mail is generally at the customer's risk: no guarantee for arrival and loss of the goods. The goods have to be paid in any case, even in case of loss. Parcels above 1 kg are only sent by a courier (for example: UPS/FEDEX/DHL,...). Special regulation for Switzerland: dispatch by mail only for parcels without invoice. For more details, please select "transport".
Speed post services or express couriers have to be directed and authorized by the customer himself only.

7) Payment

The prices are understood as net prices for advance payment, before goods are leaving. For merchandise which is branded, personalized or custom made (bespoke items) a 50% deposit is due. In case of rescission from the contract by the customer this deposit in any case is seized by the contractor, subject to further calling for full contract fulfillment and for damages because of lost profit and/or evident damages.
All prices are calculated already on this net payment basis.
Delivered but unpaid merchandise remains property of seller till the respective invoice is fully settled.
In case of controversy the arbitral court of the CC in Bozen-Italy is competent to adjudicate on the clash.

8) Others

All other details and terms are subject to our GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE which can be given on request.

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